Mr. Henry
Mr. Henry
About Me
Henry Jiang started teaching at Ivy Road Prep in the Fall of 2023, helping students from grade 1 to grade 8 excel in their studies. In addition to his general teaching duties, Mr. Jiang also assists 8th-grade students with their high school application essays.

A graduate of Binghamton University, Mr. Jiang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. With a strong background in math and logic, he further pursued his interest in computer science and programming by obtaining a Certificate in Advanced Software Engineering from Galvanize Hack Reactor, specializing in full-stack development.

Before joining Ivy Road Prep, Mr. Jiang volunteered for numerous non-profit organizations through Catchafire, where he focused on web development and SEO consulting. His problem-solving skills allow him to break complex concepts into manageable steps, guiding students through challenging questions effectively. Outside of teaching, Mr. Jiang enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball, swimming, and programming various projects in his spare time. He also appreciates group activities with friends.


江先生毕业于宾汉顿大学,拥有经济学学士学位。凭借在数学和逻辑方面的坚实背景,他进一步追求对计算机科学和编程的兴趣,通过Galvanize Hack Reactor获得高级软件工程证书,专攻全栈开发。