Mr. Jackie
Mr. Jackie
About Me
Jackie Lian has graduated from Penn State University with a major in computer science and a minor in mathematics. He has experience in tutoring SAT and math Regents prep in the past. With the amount of teaching experience Jackie possesses, he will be able to help students excel academically. Jackie has a passion for working with children, finding great joy in witnessing their gradual improvement and growth.

Prior to teaching at Ivy Road Prep, he is currently doing a software engineering internship to develop software that will benefit the company system. He is also currently tutoring students entering college CLEP calculus to give them an advantage once they enter college.

When Mr. Lian is not helping students, he enjoys building robots using Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Jackie Lian 已经毕业于宾夕法尼亚州立大学,主修计算机科学,辅修数学。他过去有辅导SAT和数学Regents考试的经验。凭借丰富的教学经验,Jackie能够帮助学生在学术上取得优异成绩。Jackie热衷于与孩子们一起工作,看到他们逐步提高和成长让他感到非常快乐。

在Ivy Road Prep教学之前,他目前正在进行软件工程实习,开发有利于公司系统的软件。他还在辅导进入大学的学生准备CLEP微积分考试,以便他们在进入大学时占据优势。

当Jackie不帮助学生时,他喜欢使用Arduino和Raspberry Pi制作机器人。