Ms Bin Bin
Ms Bin Bin
G1-2 ELA
About Me
Bin Bin Dong has been actively engaged with children’s learning since her early high school years. Her experiences with teaching stem from several volunteering and community services at recreational spaces, such as the Queens Botanical Garden. She has graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education (BS) and a Bachelor of Psychology (BA) at Queens College. She collaborates with Ivy Road Prep to support elementary students in literacy studies, driven by her passion to instill a love for learning and cultivate a positive classroom atmosphere.

Ms. Bin Bin has also gained valuable experience as a substitute teacher at Ivy Road Prep. Here, she stepped into various teaching roles, delivering lessons and supporting students’ educational development. This experience has strengthened her classroom management skills and deepened her understanding of student needs. In addition to her teaching pursuits, Ms. Bin Bin currently works as a one-on-one tutor, helping her student master crucial Reading and Math comprehension.

As Ms. Bin Bin nears completion of her degree, she firmly believes that the fostering of various interpersonal skills is a must, especially in the field of education. Her dedication to her studies, volunteer work, and hands-on experiences all aid her in becoming a promising future educator in elementary education. During her leisure hours, she enjoys following her favorite music artists, picking up captivating novels, and chasing after her artistic pursuits. Ultimately, she is committed to lifelong learning and eagerly anticipates creating a positive difference in the lives of her future students.

董彬彬从高中早期开始就积极参与儿童学习。她的教学经验来自于在皇后植物园等休闲场所的多次志愿和社区服务。她已经毕业于皇后学院,获得了小学教育学士(BS)和心理学学士(BA)学位。她与Ivy Road Prep合作,支持小学生的读写能力学习,致力于培养他们的学习热情和积极的课堂氛围。

彬彬女士还在Ivy Road Prep担任代课老师,积累了宝贵的经验。在这里,她承担了各种教学角色,讲授课程并支持学生的教育发展。这段经历增强了她的课堂管理技能,并加深了她对学生需求的理解。除了教学工作之外,彬彬女士目前还担任一对一的导师,帮助她的学生掌握关键的阅读和数学理解能力。